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By Brian Sidler - Former Music Writer For Chicago Music Magazine
(Chicago, IL - 7 NOVEMBER 2010) As a preface to the strong language perceived by the Black populations of America and around the world, and especially Africa, which will be read (presumably) in this communication, we wish to pay our deepest respects to the following souls, living and deceased: Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcom X, Medgar Evans, Thurgood Marshall, Shirley Chisholm, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton, W.E.B. Dubois, Rosa Parks, Booker T. Washington, George Washington Carver, Garrett Morgan, Absalom Jones, Gen. Benjamin O. Davis, Malcolm Little, Nelson Mandela, Marvin Gaye, RUN-DMC, Josephine Baker, Jean Baptiste DuSable, Emmett Till, A. Phillip Randolph, President Barack Obama, Condoleeza Rice, General Colin Powell, Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Eric Dolphe, Larry Doby, Hank Thompson, Dan Bankhead, Roy Campanella, Don Newcombe, Monte Irvin, Hank Thompson, Sam Jethro, Minnie Minoso, Willie Mays, Joe Black, Jim Gilliam, Bob Trice, Ernie Banks, Hank Aaron, Curt Roberts, Tom Alston, Nino Escalera, Chuck Harmon, Carlos Paula, Elston Howard, Frank Robinson, Jackie Robinson, John Kennedy, Ozzie Virgil, Sr., Pumpsie Green, Sachel Paige, Joe Louis, Floyd Patterson, Sonny Liston, Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul Jabaar, Isaac Hayes, Harry Belafonte, Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye, Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, Sam Cooke, Jack Johnson, BB King, Smokey Robinson, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Junior Wells, Ray Charles, Howlin' Wolf, James Brown, George Clinton, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Bill Cosby, Sydney Poitier, Danny Glover, James Earl Jones, Spike Lee, and all other notable Black leaders too numerous to mention.

AND ESPECIALLY - We also don't want to forget the folks in the Military Culture of our Society - just like here at this media channel, there, there is no distinction as to color of skin, there's just the color of the corps, and without that allegiance, we couldn't say spit about anything. The best of our youth are the guarantors of the freedoms we are priveleged to enjoy, as best we can. May whatever God they go by, bless them and their families, all, as much as can be had for their sacrifice.

Now...in the words of the immortal broadcaster from days of yore, Walter Winchel would say - Hello Mr. & Mrs. America and all the ships at sea - Let's go to press!

- & -

The problems with the corporate types are;...? The problems with the politicians are;...? The problems with the cops are;...? The problems with bureaucrats are...?

The problem with artists are;...? The problem with the respective business personnel in the entertainment/media industry is;...? The problem with the entire entertainment industry is;...? The problem with news organizations are...?

We'll bet that any of you can fill in those questions with a cornucopia of responses that would disconcert anyone considering a career in entertainment, in any part of the biz, if  they had any sense in their head! And that's if most of the average talent wanna-be's had the sense to stay out of the market because they're mundane and have nothing notable to contribute. You know, so as to eliminate confusion.

Get the picture?

----------------------------------------------------------------------- How many times have you heard it? "Hey it sounds great, we'll get back to ya!"

Music artists for the last decade and a half or so, with the advent of the democratization of the market, called the Internet, have been scurrying to take things into their own hands. Some have seen a bit of limited success, especially in the music market. But with this business model and the various forms it is exercised in altogether... what it has shown the industry at large, as well as, artists; is that people who enjoy music, will generally help themselves to as much FREE music as they can get their dirty little hands on with absolutely no scruples at all. In other words, THEY (the audience) DON'T CARE how much they steal! The more the merrier! There was just a recent report that said, artists with major label deals actually only make about twenty-four bucks for every thousand downloads from the services that they employ to distribute musical product.

Why is everything like this?

Blame your government and the corporations that enjoy a government's protection, in any respective market, anywhere in the world. And that's in any kind of business including entertainment. They're the market makers and propel the behavior with their example, don't they? But wouldn'tcha know it?... it's the musicians that end up paying a larger share of it in relation to their productivity, in scale, than the rest of the professions.

Is music that worthless? Really?

What do people all over the world see from their government's? Graft, special interests, politicians and their corruption, political double talk, prosecutors busying themselves with the business of bringing the alleged criminals into court to answer charges (innocent until proven otherwise in all the Western Style governances) and all of this serves to confound the best of the experts, and everyone else, as to how to stop it! Laws? What the hell good are they when they cost so much to enforce, and on that count, enforce in a completely incompetent and very cost ineffective manner? While on the other hand, when the LAWS are enforced, it does not have the measured effect of curbing any particular bad behavior including murder. So what is the greatest good here?

Stop what?...you say...well, let's see where you stand; are you a member of the audience or a consumer, strictly? If you are audience, the answer to that is, STOP YOU from thinking you're entitled to artistic product, in any form, especially digital, for free! And that goes for your children too! As a member of the audience, what kind of an audience member are you? Are you one of those punch-drunk a-holes that does your level best to ignore the artist on the stage, while acting lewd and crude while you're trying to get screwed? Comedians know more about these jerks than anyone else! Meanwhile, if you are a polite member of the audience, (too few of them, these days especially in America, European audiences are much more polite and appreciative) you get lumped into the same category as your rude counterparts.

As a consumer?...are you one of those a-holes who are tired of the other a-holes providing product to you that make false claims about their products, like for instance say...ummmm...pharmaceutical companies? Hospitals? Automobile companies and their dealerships? Doctors, lawyers, accountants, (overcharging and over-billing bastards that they are) corporate executives of every color and hue? How 'bout them television stations, internet portals, news organizations, advertisers, media whores, the ridiculous notion of celebrity and their limelight...what have you, it's all so Goddam shabby! You gotta ask yourself, which kind of a-hole are you? Maybe you're the same kind of a-holes that we are, and that is, we are just sooooooooo sick of it, that we have to scream at everybody for being part of this sickest of dances called euphemistically by all the rest of us a-holes, such as we are...THE MARKET!

Let's see, as a profile (a MARKET term, ha!) are you one of those impish, self entitled idiots who characteristically thinks that something's not fair? If you are it means you're under twenty years of age. Perhaps we can push that demographic up to the age of, say the early 50's...but anyways...a word to all of you youngers out there. Recently Sinbad had a new special come out on Comedy Central called "Sinbad, Where U Been?" and he said it best...(our quote is as close as we can remember it) "All you younger people cryin' about the recession out there, it's not fair...hell, it ain't nothin' new to us, we've been through a couple of these mutha's...but you...you guys are all out there crying about...(in a whiny, cry-baby tone) I can't get a new iPhone, what am I gonna do now? How am I gonna listen to my new music? What am I gonna do? SING GOD- DAMMIT, TRY THAT!"

The real complaint here is that you're a bunch of spoiled brats, in general. Especially the suburbanites. Your parents bought you a helmet for you to wear while riding your bike! Your parents, who are the brainless, thirty, forty and early fifty something sellouts, whom infantilized you to the point, that as a worker in the marketplace you're just about worthless. You can't make a good decision because you've been protected from making decisions during your formative years. Nope, they were all made for you.

The educational system has failed you, your parents and their peers, miserably, and turned most of you into some kind of quasi socialist, nihilistic punks. For what it's worth, y'all have not really picked your rebel causes too well. You've picked them so poorly, we (the population of this media channel) can't even remember what your hormones were raging about! Heck, most of y'all were taught to wear baggy pants hangin' around your knees by a ghetto population (and their favorite record companies) who were emulating what was coming out of the prisons! That's right, y'all thought it was cool to look like a criminal on parade to the chow line because they weren't given jeans or t-shirts that fit and they weren't allowed to have belts! Ya see, they didn't want the criminals to use them as weapons or hang themselves. Thanks to all you thug and "gangsta" rappers out there, notice we didn't capitalize that, what a bunch of ignorant sounding and ignorant talking idiots you are.

Slave accents...sheeesh. The Black population in Britain doesn't talk like a slave...they talk like a Brit. The Africans don't either. You want upward mobility? Drop the Ebonic tones, along with the words, and learn how to speak the English language in a proper manner. (Can't you people dig where Sidney Poitier was coming from? Do you know who Mr. Poitier is? And by the way, it's pronounced "Pwoteeay" not "Portiay".) Hey, it's not your fault, you cats were just on a daily grind to make a buck, right? (Your parents were left in their own ignorance which was then passed on to you. That's ignorance, not to be confused with stupidity, for all y'all that don't know the difference, look it up! Read!)  Do you think we mean, all, y'all. NOT! And how did all that happen?

Weeeellllll...there was a reward system in place that y'all were chasing started by some cats in New York City (dare we mention their names) and the rest of that crew, right? What a bunch of crap. They turned three generations of white suburban youths into ghetto talkin', thug worshiping, pimp emulating, idiots...especially in the populations of NYC, Chicago, Philadelphia, D.C., Miami and LA.

Sure, we've heard that the head record company dude has tried to do some good but that's not the point, especially when the total effect is already negative. And what were the examples they showed to the public...gunning each other down in public places, grabbing their groins like Michael Jackson and pushing ghetto testosterone-ism (nice word, eh?) out to an uncomfortably, ridiculous degree.

They denigrated the human spirit (and especially the Black human spirit!) to such a disgusting level, that the other half of black culture in America, the respectable part of the Black population, the so called "real side" of Hip-Hop culture came out against it with their own revelations about how disgusting these cats actually were, and for the most part, still are.

Meanwhile the rest of the respectable Black populations of the world and America are still trying to live down, and repudiate, the bullshit y'all put out there. Are y'all ignorant enough to think this is a racist rant?

What the heck happened to all the great jazz, blues, R&B, soul & funk? You know, the cats who could actually sing and play? Hip-Hop and the rest could never replace it! It mimicked some of it, by using some of their best samples, (hey remember the "amen break" from the tune Amen Brother?) and instead of singing, just a series of stark, raving, raging comments formed by rhyming couplet, inside of tripled up polyrhythms made for 4/4 time dance beat-pace structure. And oh that monotonous boring vocal.

Thanks be to whatever, the whole trend is now a shadow of its former self, and in it's own right has become a cliche. Yet the damage is well done by now. In the market? It's down to about ten to thirteen percent of the total pie, which, by the by, has been whittled down to about, oh say, ten billion bucks worldwide. The most shocking thing of all is that it's flooded with content that doesn't mean much and yet there's about 500 million participants trying to get a piece if it.

A piece of what? A piece of the bullshit in the name of easing their living strains? As Bill Cosby's book entitled "C'mon People!" says: C'mon People!

The fish rots from the head down, guys.

When the heads of state, in any particular country or state, lie to you on a continual basis with marketing statements disguised as relevant political dialogue from any side of an issue; when the heads of industries, and especially media conglomerates use their power to keep you impoverished, mentally and physically; (How's your job doing? How 'bout your neighbors job?); when powerful pop and political icons in the view of the public's awareness use the market to enrich themselves by spewing forth bad information in the form of what's supposed to be called entertainment, and, which most of the population these days can't even process in terms of the entertainment message, the information for what it is, because they lack the basic mental acuity to filter bullshit from fact, what do you think can be the positive result? How can it be positive, when the example is; moneyed people being the perpetrators of bad behavior and bad judgment? They say; they know how to solve the problem, and pay little but lip service to it while a broken bureaucracy, with no competency waists tax dollars.

How about a female, (not important enough to mention her name) who made a living pandering to the neurosis of suburban women in the name of solving their inadequacy issues on television, who became rich beyond her own wildest of imaginations, who then turned her back on a whole city population of artists, not to mention the ghetto kids, to go "Hollywood", in a city that made her what she is, monetarily anyway, not to mention her clever lawyers, only to open a school on another continent, and then market that goodness as a philanthropy, when in fact her own backyard was and still is, seething in pain? Have you any idea about how many folks have been for all these years, looking at her a bit cross-eyed? Can you blame 'em? Doesn't she know that true philanthropists usually stay anonymous unless they're branding the philanthropy for a long term effect, so as to perpetuate itself long beyond a founding body's lifetime? Ya know...like, say Extreme Home Makeover! Yeah Them! Hell, what a classless media whore?! Well at least she's doing something, huh? Guess, it beats a blank, eh? Forget about it goody two-shoes, you blew it, too! And, no thank you, keep your plane tickets. What a drag.

Children of the inner cities and the suburbs of America exposed to, because of a free market, the bad taste, bad politics, bad corporate behavior, bad banking practices, lies, deceit and nefarious ulterior motives. Well, don't you think that's the bottom line aggregate effect? We do. In other words, capital competition that presents in this manner is not such a great result. And why? Because they can, that's why? No restraint, no scruples, just unadulterated greed seen as the greatest good. Bling and grills seen as the ultimate expression of life's passion and then to have thug, ghetto message (drugs, guns, bling and whores) pumped into the life blood of the mental fabrics and national consciousness of impressionable minds, with no filtering system in place, because either their parents are mentally out to lunch, or working too many jobs to make ends meet and can't in any case mind their store.


All this from the trunks of illegal car-trunk street vendors making a living while trying to get a hand in the game, which, had first been perpetrated and marketed to the hilt by the various record companies, movie corporations and their television and Internet counterparts, making you think it was cool. They've all made a killing with it only to leave the cadaver of this poor shaking corpse of a market, this insidious perpetration of bad information, left on the sidewalk to masturbate while being at the same time, a stinking, dying message in broad daylight and within eye and ear-shot of innocent kids, whose parents are the welfare state, white, black, Latino and all others that fall through the cracks of this alleged foundation called American society.

And every time a kid sees or hears this crap, you just killed them. Did you know that? Ya Goddam pigs! Somewhere, somehow, something in that kids mind was just shot to pieces, whether their parents were around to try and stop it or not. Let's not forget to mention what other populations around the world think about our entertainment exports, as a result of all these a-holes and their bad taste in artistic information delivery.

Think music isn't a powerful thing? Do you think the unscrupulous conglomerates didn't do the same thing with rock? Well, whitey did it, right? So, why shouldn't we have a go at it too, right? Oh yeah, you got your shot alright, and when you had your shot, you fucking blew it! The very next time you hear about a story where a high school teenager took a 9mm Glock to school and shot up an after school get together, or takes a bat out of a locker to bash some other kids head into the ground for wearing the wrong color shirt, or some other ridiculous notion, think about what you did to urge that on, you idiots!

It's not good enough to air a commercial that "a mind is a terrible thing to waist" (your government hard at work) when most of the population that needs to see the commercial can't hardly afford the electricity to power the Goddam TV, let alone a computer! Where a whole population sees that their only hope for upward mobility because of a lack of good information, is to be some kind of warped, bagged-out pop star, which serves to throw more sputum into the air, thereby diluting the market for good musical entertainment, which actually may deserve to see the light of day.

We have sub-standard teachers let go into the populations of the inner cities, whom are ill equipped to deal with the psychological problems that ignorant ghetto parents leave at the doorsteps of their respective schools, let alone teach something useful for the positive effect it could have, but no chance of reaching the goal. Tell us, what makes a teenage girl from the ghetto, or anywhere else these days, think they're competent enough to have a child, when they can't take care of themselves? Answer that question. Let alone the idea of the amount of rape that's still occurring at an alarming rate. What about that cat circle of teenage girls in that high-school wherein all sixteen or seventeen of them, in conspiratorial fashion, decided to have a "pregnancy club?" What's up with that?

Where have these girls and boys been getting most of their information? Ya think it's a school book? Nope. Their parents? Maybe partially, (God help the ghetto babies) especially before the age of five. But where is their identity and identifying coming from? It's the music kiddo, they stuff into their heads with earphones. And then there's the self absorbed professional types that while in the public, insulate their world and having to deal with you, listening to their iPhones and iPods. It's an artificial lifestyle, in your face, baby, in your face.

Collateral damage, right? Who cares?

Entertainment mediums, which are actually past times, you know, after a workday is done...is the main conduit of information for three generations and running. Think we're wrong?

Four or five years ago their was a program on PBS that had four top executives of major corporations, Google, Disney, Apple and Microsoft, being interviewed about their marketing initiatives going forward. Marketing initiatives, code words, for monetizing their bad ideas. Bad ideas because an addled, overly-marketed upon, media saturated population who can't make use of a pencil and paper well enough to get acceptable scores in language and math and science on their SAT's, whom are not socially developed enough to show scruple. Just like their examples; the heads of state. They can't make use of their tools for propelling market behavior properly without going overboard, into a land of addictive propensities in their own private lives. Ain't that right Spitzer?

Well, what they talked about mainly (these overly paid corporate slobs) was content delivery being micronized. Connectivity through cell phone power tapped into the Internet as the content. Shall we forget to mention the NSA or General Motors Corporation's OnStar, and the fact that your cell phone is a homing device? On the same note, did you ever see the Presidential Directives left in place after Clinton, and then the other jerk, Bush, after they vacated the office? Ever heard of identity theft? Corporate espionage? Have you any idea how much money is lost by honest people because they're (ya know...those corporate dudes and the "G"?) too incompetent to first and foremost, as a matter of good conscience and software product integrity, secure the information traveling over the wires? Shabby, loose code boys, real shabby code!

How can it be, that so much content can actually have the aggregate effect of being no content at all, that's useful enough for the nations youth or anyone else? To wit; cable television. What good is social networking, when the people in the network are narcissistic, spineless wienies with bad information about nothing of importance except themselves and their own self indulged musings? Which is to say, that too many of them are transfixed on admiring their own navels. Hello Twitter! Gee, how'd they get that way?

Do you know how sick it is for it to be regarded as hip for one Black American, to call another Black American, nigga, as an insider slur or euphemistic, intimate comment between friends? Gee, how'd they get to be that way?

The fish rots from the head down. Thanks to all the rest of you wonderful pop and political icons, we really appreciate the work!

Who was it that screwed all of this up so bad? Where was the bad social modeling being driven from? Answer: (We've said it before) The populations of the various media conglomerates, in whatever medium, from New York City, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Hollywood (LA), Miami, and of course their advertising, marketing, tasteless, compadres in advertising production firms from everywhere in the production community that their productions originate from.

Want this all to end? Stop patronizing ANY company that uses infantilizing images (especially cartoons and babies), sex and death as a means to purvey their products!

Younger generations, you want to find a cause worth fighting for? Then fight for an intellectual paradigm shift in your entertainment and content of marketing message. And, instead of thinking you're entitled to it for nothing, unless you feel like paying for it, actually...BUY THE PRODUCT. Follow the paradigm cited above, that's a start!

Or maybe you're one of those a-holes that merely skipped to the back of this article because you're so busy with yourself, you couldn't take the time to get all the information. Ya know, like...ummm...read!

And to all you at the Saturday Night Live crew...when you stop relying on puerile content passing as humor, maybe you'll actually be relevant again. Need an example to follow? Perhaps you should hire John Stewart and Steven Colbert to get their staff's to write for you. Heck, hey, Glenn Beck and his staff could do it. There's always the cavalcade of folks on FOX, MSNBC, or CNN, maybe they could help?

Lorne Michaels...where the hell has your class gone and when are you going to get some real talent on that show again, to help Seth Myers, instead of him carrying the whole show? Guess you're watching the Disney channel and believing it too, huh?

I'm Brian Sidler and I write about music, et al.

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